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1. Your Mouth Tells a Story
A whole-body approach to dentistry goes beyond treating tooth decay to exploring the links between oral bacteria, jaw musculature and diseases such as hypertension and dementia.
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2. Decoding Dog Body Talk
When our dogs feel threatened or anxious, their body language tells the story—if we know what to look for.
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3. Story Glory
Who doesn’t love hearing a good story, especially when it’s told by some of the country’s premier yarn-spinners?
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4. The Power of a Father’s Story
Every dad wants to feel emotionally close with his children. Sharing appropriate stories with them—about your goals, fears, joys and triumphs—can nurture strong connections.
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5. Good Dog!
Respect your pet as a thinking, feeling partner and you’ll build lasting bonds, encourage good behavior, and have more fun together.
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6. Keep Decay Away
Simple preventive measures such as xylitol lollipops, teething rings, and not licking a spoon before offering little ones food can prevent painful dental surgery for children.
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7. Real News That Matters
The monopolistic control of mainstream media means that we often get only one side of the story on crucial eco-issues, topics such as healing and spirituality, and upbeat markers of progress.
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8. The Rise of Functional Medicine
Instead of focusing on symptomatic diagnoses of heart, liver, respiratory or other conditions, functional medicine looks deeply into our personal history and the body’s interlinked systems to heal the whole person.
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