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Thanksgiving Lite

Some lucky gobblers will escape the hatchet this season by being sponsored by animal lovers and sent to farm sanctuaries.

Shrimply Alarming

Shrimp cocktail, a popular holiday appetizer, may not be the healthiest menu choice.

Zinc Fights Colds

Per a new study, it’s official: Zinc can help reduce the duration and severity of the common cold.

The Arts Relieve Holiday Stress

Painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument or even attending a theater performance or concert may help us feel better, healthier and more upbeat.

Dish Up Some Pecan Pie

Mmmm, good… and those flavorful nuts are good for you, too.

Green Greetings

Some 300,000 trees are consumed each year in the making of 2 billion holiday cards, but appealing alternatives are coming to the rescue.

Save Greenbacks

Follow these tips to help minimize your personal transportation emissions while traveling during the holiday season.

Buy Nothing

Christmas won’t be the same when families get creative and gift each other loving services and homemade crafts, and then venture into the community to do good unto others.

Coping with Grief Over the Holidays

Holiday celebrations, traditionally memorable for their joys and happiness, can be tough emotional sledding for those grieving the loss of a loved one. There are tips for learning how to be at peace with the activities unfolding around us.

Spotlight on Pumpkins

While savoring a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, consider that this favorite and versatile fall vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse.
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