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Kick-Start Organ Vitality

Using simple strategies to revitalize five vital organs is a powerful way to kick off our well-being in the new year.

Exercise to Beat the Blues

During winter, we tend to feel sluggish, fatigued and blue. Getting off the couch and becoming active is the best natural antidote.

Smart Heating Options

Ditch outdated furnaces and boilers for these eco-friendly, budget-boosting options that will keep the family cozy all winter long.

The Upside of Downhill Skiing

Snow brings the fresh fun of alpine downhill skiing. Here are some tips to get folks back on the slopes and max out mountain moments.

5 Intentions for the New Year

These daily practices help awaken us to Spirit and encourage us to discover and express our Divine nature.

Fabulous Fireplace

There are several options available for upgrading the family fireplace, both energy and pollution-wise, without sacrificing coziness.

Dueling New Year’s Lists

Making lists of New Year resolutions brings one man a step along the path to enlightenment.

5 Ways to Welcome Change in the New Year

Learn how to let go of the demand that life be predictable, easy or peaceful and begin to welcome change with a willing heart.

Winter Workouts

Plunging temperatures in cold weather climes can put a chill on the best-intentioned fitness routine. This winter, try some of these activities to stay in shape while having fun.

Tea Up

It’s winter, and the chill is on. Instead of reaching for a calorie-dense vanilla café latte to warm up, try a cup of tea. Here’s why it’s a good idea to keep refilling the teacup through winter’s chilly days.
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