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Yoga Soothes the Blues

A twice-weekly yoga class lowered symptoms of depression in participants within eight weeks.

Yoga Eases Eating Disorders

In two studies, regular yoga classes or individual practice lowered anxiety, depression and negative thoughts in people with eating disorders.

Yoga Boosts Brain Gray Matter

Compared to chronic-pain patients, yoga practitioners have more desirable grey matter in key brain regions, Duke researchers report.

Yoga Boosts Hearts, Shrinks Waistlines

German scientists reviewing 44 studies concluded that hatha yoga improves blood pressure and other markers of heart health while also reducing waist circumference.

Brief Bouts of Yoga Bolster the Brain

A mere 20 minutes of yoga postures, breathing and meditation boosts the brain’s ability to quickly and accurately process information.

Yoga Relieves Back Pain

Two new studies find that with just 12 weeks of yoga classes, chronic back pain can improve 61 percent and sick days can be cut by 75 percent.

Toxic Yoga Mats

Typically made of vinyl or PVC, a petroleum-based, nonrenewable source, a yoga mat will continue to give off gases throughout its existence.

Yoga Helps Prevent Falls

A new study suggests that certain Iyengar yoga poses also improve balance and stability and help prevent falls, a leading cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma in the elderly.

Yoga Boosts Heart Health

Research supports a direct link between the regular practice of yoga and heart health.

Yoga May Decrease Dowager’s Hump

New study shows that practicing yoga may lead to less spine curvature in the elderly.
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