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Exercise Boosts Good Gut Bacteria

Exercising 30 to 60 minutes three times a week improved healthy gut microbes in people even without dietary changes.

Tart Cherry Aids Runner Performance

Young adult distance runners in Texas taking a powered tart cherry supplement for 10 days improved their running time and reported a third less muscle soreness.

High-Intensity Workouts May Keep People Coming Back

Sedentary Canadian adults that underwent high-intensity interval training found it more enjoyable that those who performed ongoing moderate exercise.

Not-So-Speedy Pedaling Boosts Benefits

Biking a half hour to work improves brain function, but if pollution hangs in the air, a moderate pace of 8 miles per hour tests best for overall health.

Barefoot Running Improves Technique

Spanish athletes that ran barefoot for 12 weeks during a study saw positive changes in their foot rotation while running and landed more often in a desirable mid-foot position.

Heelless Shoes May Help Prevent Runners’ Injuries

Running shoes without heels may reduce impact injuries in runners but increase the potential for injuries from ankle rolls.

Medicinal Mushrooms Boost Athletic Performance

In a small Italian study, male cyclists that took cordyceps and reishi mushroom supplements enjoyed higher testosterone and cortisol levels post-race.

Weightlifting Lowers Heart Disease and Diabetes Risks

Regular weight lifters slash their risk of metabolic syndrome by 37 percent, thus lowering their chances of heart disease and diabetes.

Jog or Walk to Live Longer

Just 90 minutes of jogging a week makes a person 44 percent less likely to die from any cause and adds years to a life, report Danish researchers after a 30-year study.

Build Muscles to Beat Diabetes

In addition to fighting frailty associated with aging, increasing lean muscle mass protects against diabetes and insulin resistance.
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