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Meaningful Giving

Less stuff can equal more holiday cheer. From home-made or recycled presents to gifts of time and experiences, discover how to bypass “hectic” and reclaim joy.

Happy Holidays to You

Avoid feeling overstuffed, overcommitted and laid low by holiday blues. Our natural strategies, supplements and herbs can put sparkle and joy back in your seasonal celebrations.

Overcome Holiday Media Madness

While exposure to media in moderation can be educational and entertaining, a study links excessive media consumption with unhealthy habits among children and teens.

Less Stuff, More Happiness

Although every holiday celebration requires some sort of shopping—even for the most voluntarily simple lifestyle—a new outlook can put our time and money where it does the most good for everyone.

Fabulous Fireplace

There are several options available for upgrading the family fireplace, both energy and pollution-wise, without sacrificing coziness.

Don’t Fence Me In

Memories of Thanksgiving usually focus on succulent, brown, juicy birds and a week of turkey leftovers. While these images are typically guilt-free, the truth is that most turkeys come from industrial farms, where producers are more concerned with quantity than quality, raising the fowl under often foul conditions.

Winter Workouts

Plunging temperatures in cold weather climes can put a chill on the best-intentioned fitness routine. This winter, try some of these activities to stay in shape while having fun.

10 Tidings of Holiday Comfort and Joy

10 simple ways to enjoy the true spirit of the season.
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