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House Happiness

“Small is beautiful” is back in vogue, as homeowners seek streamlined simplicity, less stuff and greater environmental and financial savings.

Eco-Friendlier Floors

Traditional carpets can off-gas and are difficult to dispose of or recycle. Fortunately, there are a host of savvy alternatives that won’t tax the health of our families or the planet.

Green Home Checklist

Kitchens, bedrooms, bath and laundry rooms—even those pesky “un-rooms,” like attics, entry halls, closets and garages—can all go green in simple, budget-friendly ways that aid the environment.

Worldwide Energy Makeover Means Changes at Home, Too

New Energy is about more than clean fuels and technologies. As consumers, we can do much to reduce demand.

Chemical-Free Lawns

Pioneering communities across the U.S. are now embracing organic lawn care, creating more sustainable landscapes that benefit everyone.

Stay Cool

High summer temperatures may be the norm during the next few decades. These active and passive strategies will help you beat the heat and save money.

The Best Furniture is Green

Breathe Easy — It’s Green Paint

Today’s safer interior paints are durable, affordable, and less harmful to humans and the environment. When considering painting a room or two or three, today’s rainbow of more planet- and people-friendly options allows us all to breathe a little more easily.

Ed Begley Jr.’s Green Home Makeover

America’s most environmentally aware actor is building a new, green home that meets LEED Platinum standards. His wife and daughter dish on “life with Ed” and their daily eco-strategies.

The Dirt on Cleaning

To safely power through household dirt and bacteria without using questionable chemicals, try these green cleaning tips.
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