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Water-Wise Kitchen

By choosing, cooking and storing family food wisely, we can play a role in solving our planet’s diminishing potable water supplies.

Tips for the Best Yard Sale Ever

Big signs, clever price tags and personal touches are sure ways to make a yard sale stand out.

Developing Gardens Instead of Golf Courses

Creative subdivisions are being built around working farms that include homegrown veggies and even chickens and lambs.

It’s Easy to Be Green

Simple household and car fixes that take mere minutes can make a big difference in the planetary footprint we make.

Upcycled Décor

Using imagination, verve, and a little effort, dull pieces of old furniture can be transformed into artistic centerpieces.

Eco Feng Shui

Creating a harmonious feng shui-savvy environment means not only including decorative Earth elements but also eliminating toxins in cleaners and furniture.

Eco-Friendly Floors

Eco-friendly flooring can be found in a wide range of thoughtful choices—from wood, cork and stone to linoleum or concrete.

A Lovely Loo that’s All Green, Too

Low-flow faucets are just the first step in creating a green bathroom that’s squeaky-clean, luxuriously fragrant and planet-friendly.

Homemade Eco-Cleaners

We don’t have to put up with toxic cleaning products when we can clean efficiently and thoroughly with these simple homemade solutions.

Home Safe Home

Ridding our homes of toxins is an essential step in creating spiritual, mental and physical harmony in our lives.
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