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Changing How Genes Respond to Stress

Research now suggests that mind-body techniques like yoga and meditation are capable of changing how human genes behave in response to stress.

Food for Thought

A study found that foods rich in flavonoids enhance brain function and cognitive performance in older adults.

Do Hormones Shrink the Brain?

Two studies report that there may be a link between hormone therapy and a slightly accelerated loss of brain tissue in women 65 and older.

Sleeping on It Helps Us Learn

A study concludes that sleep helps the human mind learn complicated skills and recover learning we thought we had forgotten from the previous day.

Brain Insurance

A nutrient found in meat, fish and milk, may protect against loss of brain volume.

Grins Help Us Reach Goals

Researchers have discovered that positive moods increase our ability to understand the big picture.

Socially Smart

Researchers have reported that people they studied who engaged in social interaction displayed higher levels of intellectual activity.

Natural Help for Alzheimer’s

Natural health experts have known for some time that lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements can slow the progression of age-related dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Talk to Improve Memory

Who couldn’t do with a little help in the memory department? Here’s a simple trick offered by researchers: Simply talk for 10 minutes.

Fit Mind over Matter

Researchers have discovered a significant connection between health and the important role the mind plays when it comes to both realizing health and treating disease.
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