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Brain-Boosting Beet Juice

Drinking the rich, red elixir increases blood flow to the brain and may help combat dementia.

Dream on… and Learn Better

Dreams may be the brain’s way of integrating and understanding new information.

It Pays to be Optimistic

While several studies have shown that optimists generally enjoy better health, a recent study suggests that a change in perspective from negative to more positive can directly boost the immune system.

Brains in Trouble

Researchers have found that heavy multitaskers consistently underperform those who prefer to complete one task at a time.

Tai Chi Lessens Arthritis Pain

New research suggests that arthritis sufferers may benefit from regular Tai Chi exercise.

Nature Walks Equal Outdoor Smarts

Behavior and health experts have found that walking outside in parks or in nature helps to improve attention span and memory performance.

Surfing the Web Boosts Brain Power

Crossword puzzles, move over, because a new study attests that browsing the Internet lights up the brain like a Roman candle.

The Cholesterol-Alzheimer's Link

Researchers have reported that elevated cholesterol levels in midlife significantly increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia later in life.

Anti-Aging RX for the Mind

According to a study, participating in certain mental activities in middle age and later in life may delay or prevent memory loss.

Doodling Aids Memory

Doodling might imply a wandering mind, but according to a study, the contrary is true; doodling can actually help people remember details.
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