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Magical People

Food, Mood and Attitude

Get Clarity on Your Soulmate

A Forever Bond

Adam’s House

The Power of Choice

New Book Shines a Light on Spiritual Myths

Natural Awakenings’ senior staff writer, Linda Sechrist, is excited about contributing a chapter to the new book released this month.

Acupuncture for Teenagers

Parents naturally want to provide the best care possible for their children, and acupuncture can help them stay healthy now and set them up for a healthy life, assisting them through life’s changes.

Wellness with a Wireless Connection

VITAL Wellness provides wellness coaching for overstressed, overwhelmed professionals that want to improve their health and feel better about themselves.

Tune In to the Universe

Healers Universe, LLC, is offering new classes and workshops that will meet once a month for four months for two hours.
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