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Happiness Comes Cheap

Researchers say that it’s the simple pleasures in life that have the most impact on one’s sense of well-being, not a lottery jackpot, flashy sports car or lucrative promotion.

Minutes Count

Lisa Hepner of Oregon is intent on helping at least 100,000 of us develop the habit of meditating while waiting.

MIT & Me

The OpenCourseWare (OCW) movement makes the contents of all 1,800 courses taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) available online anytime to anyone in the world.

Bullish for Peace

The likelihood of a white bison calf being born is less than one in a million. Yet 10 such calves have arrived in the past decade.

Happy Workers

Though flexible work schedules aren’t new, a twist on the idea at Best Buy known as a “results-only work environment” promises to transform corporate culture for the better.

Think About It

A series of worldwide web based mind-over-matter experiments monitored by physicists and psychologists will measure how directed thought energy changes the world around us.

Poll Reveals “Four Gods” in America

A Baylor University Religion Survey defied conventional secular wisdom questioning the significance of religion in Americans’ lives by determining that only 10.8 percent are unaffiliated.
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