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USA Made

Products from clothing to food to appliances made in the U.S. are produced to higher standards. Plus buying them supports our economy and national security.

Household Hazards

At least 33 states are examining the toxic chemicals found in such products as toys, cans, bedding and baby shampoos.

Cell Bill

Charging cellphones for only two hours increases their battery life and can help save up to $100 a year in electricity costs.

New School Rules

Reusing supplies, quality buys at thrift stores and plastic-free lunch boxes keep back-to-school prep both inexpensive and ecologically sound.

Fume Free

We share practical ways to lower the volatile compounds inside vehicles that can make driving a literal headache.


With racks of rentable bikes in New York and growing numbers of bike pathways at campuses, life is getting easier for those on two wheels.

Radical Fuel

Toyota, Hyundai and Honda are introducing fuel-cell cars that can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour without pollution or the noise of a roaring engine.

Best Weddings

A ceremony can affirm a couple’s love for the planet as well as for each other.

CO2-Correct Food

A list of planet-sustainable foods by Scottish nutritionists favors fruit, vegetables and legumes over dairy and meat.

Greenwashing Watchdog

Companies that are labeling their products with phony health claims are being brought to court by the nonprofit soap maker.
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