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No Status Quo

Creativity is gaining recognition as a way for businesses to improve the bottom line and keep employees satisfied.

American Woman

The recently released Women in America report, the first since 1963, outlines women’s social and economic well-being today and over time, with a goal of generating ideas for an improved future.

Campus Life

Active seniors are seeking retirement in campus-oriented communities.

Happiness Index

A new survey zeroes in on the American happiness index.

Blushing Could Save Face

Don’t be embarrassed at turning red—it helps us save face in social situations.

Happiness Keeps Growing

Good news about growing older: emotional well-being increases.

Adult Volunteers

Americans don’t just donate dollars; they give of their time, as well.

Kindness is Contagious

Studies confirm that good deeds inspire the recipients to pay it forward.

World Religions

Per a recent study, many of us know little about other faiths. Take this online quiz to test your own knowledge.

Economic Buffer

A study shows that most middle-class Americans who have adopted sensible spending habits in response to the economic slowdown say that their newfound frugal behaviors are making them healthier.
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