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Polite Leash Walking

A dog pulling on a leash is a common, but curable problem. You can teach your dog how to walk politely on a leash, using firm, positive approaches.

Pet Love

These mindful tips will help bring balance to beloved animals’ lives, as well as our own.

Easy Breathing Aids Dog Training

Paying attention to the breath is one of the best ways to increase concentration, and the single most important tool in developing and maintaining focus and control when interacting with a dog in any manner.

Animals Find Comfort in Music

Mounting research reveals that animals not only respond physically and emotionally to music, like us, they even have musical preferences! Happy, beautiful, harmonious music seems to help everyone, whatever our species.

Sizing Up Dog Parks

While there are many advantages to taking your best friend to his or her own special park, potential problems can arise. Fortunately, most of these problems are preventable.

Animal Attraction

Online dating services are proving that profiling one’s single self along with one’s pet can yield fun along with a suitable match in the dating scene.
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