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Freeing Minds

The calming, meditative practice helps inmates develop impulse control and will power, reducing antisocial behavior.

Blogging News

A majority of American teens say their peers are mostly being kind to one another on social networking sites.

Got Faith?

Global religion remains strong, despite repression.

Universal Truths

Through Open-University-style lectures, the Chinese are opting to explore contemplative courses on happiness and justice.

Happier and Healthier at Work

A study from the UK reveals what keeps us healthy and productive.

A Secret to Longevity

Think having a positive attitude is just pie in the sky? Maybe not.

Living Abroad Boosts Creativity

Students living in another country appear to be more creative than their home-bound peers.

Young Artists and Scientists May Think Alike

Updated research offers some surprising results.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

A recent study suggests that money can buy happiness, so long as you spend it on others.

Performance Poets

Dozens of teams from across North America and Europe converged on Madison, Wisconsin last month for the 2008 edition of National Poetry Slam, the genre’s flagship event.
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