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Mothers who understand the benefits of green living to the health and welfare of their offspring now and in the future can enjoy easy access to helpful practical information.

Family Solidarity

As divorce rates begin to decline, many couples may be rediscovering the value in the ancient sociological truth that marriage is one of society’s greatest social insurance plans.

The Mystery of Attraction

Psychologists have tested how women evaluate a man’s facial attractiveness and found specifics of masculine appeal on two levels--a sexual level and a nonsexual level.

New Clue to Love at First Sight

A research team has shed a bit more light on the intricacies of mating and reproduction that have perplexed humanity since the dawn of science through observations of fruit flies.

Friendship Among Women Benefits Health

A study suggests that when women are faced with stress, they respond by engaging with their friends, which causes the release of a hormone that produces a calming effect.

Celebrate The 7 Days of Valentine’s

Celebrate the week leading up to Valentine's Day with these fun activities.

New Study: Altruism is Sexy

Researchers say that displays of altruism make a potential mate more appealing to the opposite sex.

Romantic Scent-sations

Seduction by scent is an age-old practice. Discover which oils can enhance the mood of a romantic encounter.

The Perks of a Happy Marriage

Researchers say that a happy marriage comes with the unexpected advantage of lower blood pressure.

Sexy, Feminist & Romantic

According the researchers, the old view that feminists are unattractive, sexually disinclined, usually single or lesbian, and about as romantic as an old pair of socks seems to be an outdated thought.
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