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Bundled Deductibles

Under a new IRS ruling, some nursing mothers can write off breast-feeding equipment.

Video Games Boost Daddy-Daughter Bonds

Girls who co-played with a parent showed stronger signs of mental health and felt more connected to their families.

Chemical Alert

A new study indicates that the bodies of virtually all pregnant women in the U.S. carry manmade chemicals.

Nature’s Prescription for ADHD

A new study shows that a dose of nature can make a great difference in the lives of children who find it difficult to complete tasks that require focus and concentration.

A Novel That Helps Kids Lose Weight

The first study to look at the impact of literature on obese adolescents produced surprising results.

The Lowdown On Ad Glut

Research shows a ban on fast food advertisements in the United States could benefit the health of its youth.

Acupressure Calms Children Before Surgery

Research has found that acupressure treatments can help children to relax before undergoing anesthesia.

ADHD Alternative

A study of children with ADHD suggests that homeopathy works as well as Ritalin--perhaps better.

Honey Soothes Children’s Cough

Parents looking for a safe, effective alternative to over-the-counter cough medicine should give honey a try, says a new study.

Parents Advocate Mercury-Free Flu Shots

A survey by reveals that an overwhelming majority of Americans are unaware that 90 percent of this season’s flu shot supply contains mercury.
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