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Crayon Kicks

Perhaps the most surprising Amazon bestsellers are coloring books for adults!

Green Envy

In a recent survey, people of both high and low income levels fared pretty much the same in such measures of altruism such as doing and returning favors, sympathy and empathy.

Cultural Roots

Sixty-seven countries are considered more religiously diverse than the U.S., according to the latest Pew Research Center study.

To Get More, Give More

Want to feel rich in time or money? When we give it away to others—by donating or volunteering—we feel a sense of abundance, a Harvard study finds.

Intuitive Generosity

When encouraged to make a quick decision, study participants were more likely to contribute to the common good than to hoard money for themselves.

Pass Go

Instead of winner-take-all Monopoly, the game Co-opoly rewards fairness and social justice.

Giving Group

People ages 20 to 35 are generous and committed when it comes to contributing to causes they believe in.

Breaks from Email Boost Focus and Performance

Periodically removing email from workers’ lives removes stress, helps them stay on task and even keeps them moving about physically, researchers say.

Nearing Equality

The gender pay gap is eroding—women now earn 82 percent as much as men, up from 64 percent in 1980.

Honoring Veterans

An innovative agribusiness helps troops return home to meaningful work.
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