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Laundry List

By using cold water, natural stain removers and line drying, we can turn out sparkling clean clothes in a planet-friendly fashion.

Bird Buffet

When avians crowd together to eat from feeders they can pick up parasites and viruses from each other, but there are ways to ensure their safety and our viewing pleasure.

Well Well

Scientists, doctors and other researchers have developed the WELL Building Standard, a certification program that emphasizes human health and well-being in the design of new structures.

Municipal Pioneers

Cities as small as Nassau, New York, and as large as San Diego are committing to generating 100 percent of their power through clean energy.

Efficient Cook

Kitchens can easily be energy hogs, but strategies such as using convection ovens, slow cookers and pot lids can reduce the monthly utility bill.

Pioneering Aspen

Aspen is the third municipality in the country to shift entirely away from fossil fuels, thanks partly to price drops in renewables and government disincentives for coal.

Breeze Please

Wind power may be the cleanest, cheapest option in all 50 states in 35 years, especially with inventions such as new bladeless turbines that are 40 percent more efficient.

Solar Timeshare

A Boston startup allows “sun partners” without solar units to buy units of energy from “sun hosts” with rooftop panels.

Stop Drops

Water leaks can damage homes and silently siphon money out of household budgets, but there are simple ways to detect and fix them.

Eco-Fireplace Tips

Low-emission, petroleum-free cordwood made out of compressed sawdust, nutshells and even olive pits is a good first step to ecologically sound fires.
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