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Little Thumbs

Self-understanding and interpersonal relationship skills flourish when youngsters nurture a garden patch.

More Rest Equals Better Teen Performance

Teens that log more sleep hours perform significantly better in mathematics and physical education classes.

Regular Bedtimes Make Kids Smarter

Children that get adequate sleep score higher on a range of developmental assessments.

Probiotics Help Prevent Eczema

A new study offers promising hope.

Bully Beaters

Students engaged in cooperative learning are more likely to exhibit pro-social behavior that combats bullying.

Parenting Tip

A study recently asked parents about their children's sleep, as well as examined the parents behavior at the children's bedtime.

A Good Diet Boosts School Performance

What children eat does make a difference, especially in school, reports a new study.

Antibiotics not an Answer for Asthmatic Kids

What is proving useful? Office visits where pediatricians discuss best practices for treating asthma and preventing attacks.

Better Bones for Kids with Celiac Disease

Reduced bone density often affects children with celiac disease. A gluten-free diet helps rebuild bone mass.

Children at Risk for Eating Disorders

Children as young as 10 are making themselves vomit in order to lose weight.
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