September 2013

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Global Briefs

Freebie Fruit

Falling Fruit (, an online worldwide map, shows precisely where free fruits and vegetables can be foraged, from public parks to dumpsters.

Solar Socket

A solar-powered device called the Window Socket, which attaches to a windowpane via a suction cup, can charge cell phones even at night.

Oil Alternative

Scientists have found a way to use xylose, an abundant plant sugar, to make hydrogen in a process that releases almost zero greenhouse gases and needs no heavy metals.

Shellfish Solution

Scientists hope that a raft loaded with mussels on the Bronx River will provide evidence that the shellfish can clean up polluted waters by absorbing excess nitrogen.

Killing Fields

Controversial neonicotinoid pesticides linked to catastrophic honeybee declines in North America and Europe may also kill other creatures.

Fare Sharing

Using phone apps, progressive urban commuters can now stand at bus stops and catch rides from solo car drivers that need two more people to zip through a high occupancy vehicle lane.

Fashion Freedom

Following a tragic factory collapse in Bangladesh, clothing retailers are beginning to open up about the overseas origins of the clothes they sell.

Scrub Up

A large consumer product company has decided to phase out a longtime manufacturing process due to related environmental concerns.

Feathered Friends

Short-distance bird migration stems from seasonal food scarcity and, University of Arizona ecologists have learned, is not an evolutionary step to long-distance migration.
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Health Briefs

Milk Linked to Acne

Dairy Causes Break-outs

Weightlifting Lowers Heart Disease and Diabetes Risks

Benefits of Pumping Iron

Antibacterials May Make Kids Allergy-Prone

Impairing Children's Immune Systems

Hair to Dye For

Toxic, Cancer-causing Chemicals

Protein for Breakfast Curbs Food Cravings

A Healthy Way to Fight Off Hunger

School Lunches Minus the Meat

New York Cafeteria Goes Completely Vegetarian

Global Glamour

Natural Beauty Aids from India

The Humble Apple May Ace Cancer

One a Day Keeps Your Risk Away

Yoga Relieves Back Pain

Ease Chronic Discomfort, Naturally

Jog or Walk to Live Longer

Add Years to Your Life
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Whole-Being Workouts

Emerging “fusion workouts” combine physical exercises and spiritual approaches in a way that both tones the body and raises our spirit.

Deep-Healing Yoga

New research shows that yoga provides an emotional release that literally rewires the brain and soothes symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
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Fit Body

Staying Power

A trusted trainer that knows our body and psyche can motivate us through the years by tailoring routines to our changing needs.
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Conscious Eating

Sugar Monster

The downside of sugar (it’s much more than obesity), the dangers of commercial substitutes and some tasty, healthy alternatives.
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Green Living

Schools Go Green

From pre-K to college, schools are exploring environmental strategies to reduce waste and build sustainability.
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Fall Flyways

Tips and maps help us to look skyward this fall and catch sight of migrating feathered friends.
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Wise Words

The Allure of Confidence

Self-awareness, self-confidence, a good night’s sleep and turning “flaws” into personal trademarks are all keys to a woman’s natural radiance.
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Healthy Kids

What Peace Means to Children

The World We All Need
In sweet words, children describe what peace means to them, from hugs to making art and singing to everyone having a ball.
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Natural Pet

Fat Fight

For fat cats and paunchy pooches, some simple steps to make sure they shave off pounds to live longer, healthier lives.