October 2010

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Global Briefs

Water Bubble

A recent report by the World Economic Forum warns that half the world’s population will be affected by water shortages within 20 years.

Guiding Light

Ongoing monitoring by the British Antarctic Survey, which alerted the world to the hole in the protective ozone layer over the South Pole in 1985, has concluded that the hole has now stabilized.

Assaults Halted

Massive wolf hunts have been stopped in their tracks, thanks to a federal court ruling that has restored endangered species protection for these animals in Montana and Idaho.

75th Anniversary

Fresh from a major achievement in 2009, The Wilderness Society has not been resting on its laurels in this, its 75th year of striving to protect our nation’s public lands.

Gene Escape

Scientists have discovered why canola plants often survive herbicide applications.

Rainforest Rescue

Using a green search engine for holiday shopping and other online searches can turn daily Internet use into a give-back to nature.

Bioneer Heroes

Environmental leader is recognized for her efforts and involvement with the oil spill disaster.

Garbage Blight

A rising tide of consumer plastics, jettisoned into the oceans via rivers, storm drains, sewage overflows and windstorms, is devastating the environment across the world.
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Health Briefs

School Nutrition Gets a Boost

Legislation Making Progress

An Apple A Day

Eat this Fruit to Improve Digestive Health

How Sugar Feeds Cancer

Not so Sweet

Tidy House, Fitter Body

A New Reason to Clean

Pesticides Can Contribute to ADHD

Children at Risk from Exposure to Chemical

Why People Need Germs

Ease off the Soap

Ginger Eases Muscle Pain

Not Just for Stomach Aches Anymore
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Better Breast Health

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), some 207,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in U.S. women this year. Despite this staggering number, there is good news.
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Fit Body

Exercise For Spine Health

Efforts to stay in shape often are thwarted by back pain. Any well-designed workout must honor the health and mechanics of this important part of the body.
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Conscious Eating

On The Vegan Trail

Based upon what he observed at a plantation in Hawaii on his first job out of medical school, California physician John McDougall has eaten a vegan diet for 35 years.
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Green Living

Transition Towns

While the government dithers about climate change, more and more neighborhoods are making the transition to becoming low-impact communities.
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Eco-Film Picks

Natural Awakenings picks five films highly favored for their clear message, entertainment value and motivating call to action.

Populist Pundit

Jim Hightower takes on the high and mighty with some down-home political wisdom.
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Wise Words

Populist Pundit

Jim Hightower takes on the high and mighty with some down-home political wisdom.
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Natural Pet

Pumpkin for Pets

Pumpkin is now showing up in pet stores as human food-grade animal treats, dried kibble and simple puréed goodness.