November 2012

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Global Briefs

No Rain

Farmers in the semi-arid African savannah have turned once dry, uncultivated scrub into highly productive farmland.


A new breed of “green” gyms and fitness centers is adding electricity-generating workout equipment and other strategies to help the planet.

Veggie Feast

A new, more compassionate celebration is the mission of Gentle Thanksgiving, a Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) annual campaign.

Loving It

The former president and CEO of McDonald’s has cofounded Lyfe Kitchen, a restaurant chain that aims to serve healthy food on a fast-food scale.

Cherished Charities

These suggestions from Charity Navigator, a nonprofit that works to guide intelligent giving, can help us make wise decisions in donating dollars to favorite eco-causes.

Fact Quest

A new survey notes that a majority of 14-to-18-year-olds looking for information about the environment seek it outside of the classroom.

Weather Watcher

A new supercomputer named Yellowstone will help researchers calculate climate change on a regional, rather than continental, scale, helping state and local governments plan more effectively.

Wishful Fishing

Nonproducing ocean oil rigs may serve a new purpose as artificial reefs, providing essential fish and marine habitats.
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Health Briefs

Cranberry Juice Yields Knockout Punch

Drink Up to Fight Off Bacteria

The Other Problem with Trans Fats

More Motive to Avoid Them

Good Foods to Keep the Brain Sharp

Diet Plays a Role in Memory Problems

Antibiotics Overused for Sinus Infections

Not Necessarily an Effective Treatment

More Americans are Eating Fresh

Good News About Our Food Consumption

Nuts Help Neutralize Metabolic Syndrome

Go Nutty for this Snack Food

EFT Relieves Veterans’ Post-Traumatic Stress

The Self-Healing Therapy is Offering Relief

Shrimply Alarming

Reasons to Pass on this Popular Dish
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Powerful Energy Boosters

Fight low energy with these simple strategies and powerful mini-tune-ups that help keep spirits high.
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Fit Body

Cardio Buzz

Experts agree that trading in energy drinks, lattes and high-calorie power bars for regular walks and other exercise can reduce fatigue by 40 percent and improve overall health.
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Conscious Eating

Holiday Cheer

Gluten-free beverages and organic spirits, wines, mixers and cocktails that avoid sugary syrups help keep our “fa-la-la” spirit going stronger and longer. They taste and look delish, too!
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Green Living

House Happiness

“Small is beautiful” is back in vogue, as homeowners seek streamlined simplicity, less stuff and greater environmental and financial savings.
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Grounded in Gratitude

Every blessing, no matter how simple, is the gift of the whole universe. When we stop and really look, we see that we are supported continuously in countless ways.

Fashion a Passion-Driven Life

During these challenging times, many Americans are redirecting and revitalizing their lives by sincerely asking, “What is my purpose here, and how can I realize it?”
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Wise Words

Overcome Obstacles to Achievement

The co-author of The New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series talks about cutting-edge tools that can help us transform the beliefs and emotions that cause self-doubt, self-sabotage, procrastination and other roadblocks to achieving personal success.
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Healthy Kids

Staying Healthy Naturally

Top Cold and Flu Fighters for Children
Keeping kids well during the winter can be a challenge, so Natural Awakenings has compiled several leading health experts’ best tips and at-home remedies.
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Natural Pet

Aging Gracefully

Our beloved companions deserve quality of life as they grow older. Learn to recognize the signs of aging and how to ensure pets’ comfort and vitality as the years go by.