March 2012

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Global Briefs

Cold Comfort

Upcoming refrigerator designs will use a fifth of the energy that their household predecessors required 40 years ago.

Breathe Deep

The EPA’s new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards are designed to protect families from power plant emissions.

Smart Giving

Area innovators are bringing fresh approaches to solving social issues by helping to transform nonprofits into more savvy, goal-focused businesses.

Recycled Shelters

Citizens of Africa’s most populous nation can now live “inside” the plastic water bottles that previously littered their roads, canals and gutters.

Bee Wary

Global warming has caused several species of bees to emerge earlier in spring, signaling a potentially worrisome trend.

Freeing Minds

The calming, meditative practice helps inmates develop impulse control and will power, reducing antisocial behavior.

Little Thumbs

Self-understanding and interpersonal relationship skills flourish when youngsters nurture a garden patch.
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Health Briefs

Red Meat Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Help Significantly Decrease Your Risk

Healthy Weight for Healthier Gums

Losing Fat Can Improve Oral Health

Kudos for Bacteria-Busting Coriander

Natural Health Benefits from this Aromatic Plant

More Rest Equals Better Teen Performance

New Sleep Study Findings

Does Our Food Control Our Genes?

You Are What You Eat

Grass-fed Benefits

New Guide Supports High Standards for Meat

High Fiber Trumps Low Fat

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Cooling Chronic Inflammation

Chronic, systemic inflammation may be the root cause of such diseases as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. The right diet can help prevent illness and improve overall health.
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Fit Body

Step into Fitness

Create a beautifully strong and flexible body by moving to a musical beat.
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Conscious Eating

Eating Well on a Budget

Can a dinner be nutritious and delicious, yet cost less than five dollars? You bet—use these “value meal” ideas to plan your own healthy menus.

Changing the Way America Eats

Farmers’ markets and other resources and initiatives for locally sourced, organically grown food are sprouting up everywhere in the nation, as communities embrace the health and budget benefits of “going local.”
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Green Living

Unconventional Gardens

Here’s how to turn a concrete jungle—of any size—into a life-enhancing oasis filled with food-producing plants.
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Live Your Dash

The little dash between the day someone was born and the date he or she departed ultimately represents every breath and step we take in life. Make yours matter—live in your now!
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Wise Words

Choosing Forks Over Knives

Transitioning away from animal-based and processed foods offers vast benefits for people and the planet.
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Healthy Kids

Preparing Kids for Tomorrow’s Jobs

U.S. Companies Pair Scientists with Schools
Innovative new programs and “boot camps” are reinvigorating math, science, technology and engineering curricula to help kids compete for the high-tech careers of the future.
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Natural Pet

Dish Up Variety

Nobody wants to eat the same thing, day in and day out—not even the dog. Variety brings interest to the bowl and makes for a healthier, happier pet.