March 2011

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Global Briefs

A-Peeling Reuse

A rind is a terrible thing to waste—try these practical recycling tips for fruit and veggie scraps.

Double-Duty Label

This new North American food label will help local farmers and consumers.

The Buzz

Like honeybees, bumblebees are ace pollinators; they’re also in troubling decline throughout the U.S.

Meatless Mondays

Veg out! The annual, global MeatOut on March 20 hopes to spread a weekly U.S. initiative.

Dietary Shift

An eye-opening study reveals who’s eating more fresh and healthy produce.

Action Alert

Join with 50 million organic consumers who daily take a stand for their right to know what is in their food and how it’s produced.
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Health Briefs

Brain-Boosting Beet Juice

Move Over, Blueberries

Why Sugar Isn’t So Sweet

Sour News for Your Heart

Black Rice – Exotic and Healthy

A Flavorful Food with Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The Sticky Side of Non-Stick Cookware

Get Unstuck to Reduce Your Cholesterol

Sweet Medicine

The Pure Benefits of Real Maple Syrup

Olive Oil Protects the Liver

Benefits of this Healthy Fat

Herbs Alleviate Anxiety

Naturally Relieve Angst
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Diet Detox

The more toxic your body becomes, the harder it is to lose weight. These “spring cleaning” diet basics will help you shed pounds and gain energy.
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Fit Body

Exercise Detox

Try these suggestions to rev up your metabolism, burn calories, build muscle and clean out your system.
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Conscious Eating

Backyard Chickens

Raising chickens offers plenty to crow about: fresh, healthy eggs; increased self-sufficiency; and humane treatment for these easy-to-care-for feathered friends.

America’s Growing Food Revolution

We’re waking up to the need to make eco-wise choices about the food we grow and eat. But, is it better to buy local, organic or natural? Is shopping at a farmers’ market more green? Here’s a comprehensive insider’s guide to sustainable choices.
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Green Living

The Herbal Kitchen

These eight culinary gems will spice up your meals, and they like being pot-bound.

Essential Culinary Herbs

As any good cook knows, herbs are often the essential ingredients that coax the finest flavors out of any meal. In most cases, fresher is better, and even the smallest garden can provide a selection of pot-to-pan varieties. Here is a short list of must-haves.
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Consciousness Cleanse

With this three-phase program, move away from limitations and embrace hope, excitement, possibility and purpose.
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Wise Words

Sustainable Foods & Social Philanthropy

The daughter of actors and environmental activists Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Nell Newman launched Newman’s Own Organics in 1993 and advocates for sustainable agriculture.
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Healthy Kids

Eco-Camps for Kids

Outdoor Fun
Earth-friendly camp experiences can help kids unplug from daily routines, connect with the miracles of nature and appreciate green values—with plenty of fun thrown in, too.
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Natural Pet

Laser Power

Safe, effective laser technology can deliver pain relief and healing for our furred and feathered companions. Best of all, it’s non-invasive.