Love Matters

Connectedness Ranks Above Power and Fame

It seems that fame and fortune are less important to us than our connections with fellow human beings, after all. A study conducted by and in 2012 and 2013 applying their proprietary Values Profile Test with 2,163 people showed they only moderately valued money and power, at best, which took a backseat to social values on a personal level. This revelation comes on the heels of another study on career motivation that similarly showed a drop in participants’ consuming desire for money and power in the workplace.

The researchers at assessed 34 separate facets within six categories of values—social, aesthetic, theoretical, traditional, realistic and political. The five top-scoring facets were empathy, family and friends, appreciation of beauty, hard work/diligence, altruism and the importance of helping others. Financial security came in 24th place and power was near last at 29th in importance. Ethics/morals placed 10th.

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