June 2014

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Global Briefs

Love Matters

In a study of values involving 2,163 people, experiencing empathy and having loved ones were viewed as far more important to a good life than financial security or power.

Imperiled Parks

Forty-two pristine parklands, including Mesa Verde and Grand Teton, are at risk from drilling.

Father Factor

A caring father helps kids acquire better spatial intelligence and lowers their shyness and sadness.

Lawn Upload

A new study detected surprisingly higher levels of carbon dioxide emissions in lawns than in cornfields.

Loan Leeway

A pioneering effort pairs up debt-hampered college graduates with nonprofits and their donors to help them pay down student loans in exchange for résumé-building volunteer work.

Honeybee Hit

Widely-used fungicides, once considered harmless to bees, are a major cause of the die-off of honeybee colonies in the U.S., scientists say.

Fume Free

We share practical ways to lower the volatile compounds inside vehicles that can make driving a literal headache.
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Health Briefs

Yummy Berries Cut Heart Attack Risk by a Third

Eat Up for Cardiovascular Protection

Saw Palmetto Combos Combat Enlarged Prostate

Studies Support the Effectiveness

Mindfulness Meditation Reduces the Urge to Light Up

Natural Way to Fight Addiction

Unconditional Love Hastens Healing

The Power of Compassion

Tapping Acupressure Points Heals Trauma in Vets

Emotional Freedom Techniques Combat PTSD

A Good Midlife Diet Prolongs Health in Later Years

Plant-Based Foods Earlier on Help in the Future

Beets Beat Down Blood Pressure

Lower Your Numbers through Food
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The Bionic Coach

Almost three in four exercisers today use technology such as phone apps to support their fitness routines—and still surging innovation ensures that the number will grow.
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Fit Body

Moveable Feet

Smart strategies, from breathing deep to using poles to ditching texting, make it easier to hit the ground for wellness.
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Conscious Eating

Living Off the Land

If we bypass conventional grocery stores for local gardens and fields, food becomes fresher, cleaner and more nutritious.
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Green Living

Musician with a Cause

The popular singer-songwriter from Hawaii ensures that his concerts are eco-friendly, and donates tour proceeds to green causes.
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Journey to Maturity

When guys on the fast track tumble off it, they often encounter tough, humbling truths that lead them to emotionally richer lives.

The Healing Power of Story

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives have immense power to liberate and empower us.
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Wise Words

Unleashing Unlimited Potential with Panache Desai

By moving away from judgment into accepting who we are, we can enter into a spirituality that is creative, free-flowing and full of promise.
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Healthy Kids


Stand Up Paddleboards Spell Family Fun
Learning to paddle a board while standing up builds skills and thrills for children from preschoolers on up.
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Natural Pet

Telling Your Pet’s Story

Precious moments with our pets can be shared with others through scrapbooking, online photo albums and other creative crafts.