June 2013

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Global Briefs

Turf Trouble

A popular home lawn spray is wiping out snails, crayfish and water plants in Florida waterways.

Hot Stuff

The latest thinner, less reflective solar cells capture more light waves, raising efficiency of solar panels by 81 percent, even under cloudy skies.

Moon Fuel

A space-age metal may transform a fifth of the heat emitted from factory chimneys and tailpipes into electricity. A yeast biodiesel process can convert cheese-factory waste into fuel.

Home Range

A national movement to let yards and fields “go wild” is rebuilding species-friendly grasslands, yet advocates often face neighborhood opposition and economic disincentives.

Cowabunga Dude

To counter the typical throw-away polyurethane surfboard, “heirloom surfboards” are being built of salvaged woods and organic resins, designed to last for decades.


An innovative, easily duplicated house built in a foreclosure-heavy neighborhood in Washington, D.C., consumes 90 percent less energy than conventional homes, for a competitive price tag of $250,000.

Thanks, Dad

Norway’s liberal paternity leave policy, pappapermisjon, assumes fathers are equal to mothers and allows for seamless child care.

Tech Trash

With 24 electronic devices in the average American home, we’re tossing out three million tons of highly toxic trash a year. Here’s how to recycle instead.

Lost Ecosystem

A deadly bacteria is turning ocean waters milky white along Kauai’s north shore, destroying 50- to 100-year-old coral reefs in eight weeks.

Clean Ride

Helpful tips make an at-home car wash both energy-efficient and thorough.
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Health Briefs

Sports and Music: A Winning Combination

Crank Up the Tunes While Working Out

Resveratrol Can Aid Prostate Cancer Treatment

Cheers to Good News

Flavonoids Protect Men Against Parkinson’s

Cut Your Risk with these Foods

Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

The Old Adage May Help Protect Your Heart

Grilled Food Might Make Us Fat

Risks with Barbecued Meals

Sugary Drinks Linked to Heart Disease

The Sour Side of Sweet Beverages

Breaks from Email Boost Focus and Performance

Time Outs from Electronic Communication Yields Positive Results

Fruits and Veggies Can Help Us Kick Butts

Fresh Produce Assists Smokers in Dropping the Habit

Garlic May Help Alleviate Cystic Fibrosis

Relief from a Natural, Powerful Antiobiotic

A Father’s Love is Critical

Dad's Crucial Role in a Child's Healthy Development

PSA Testing Controversy

More Harm Than Good?

Excessive Dietary Fat May Hinder Conception

A Link Between Man's Food Choices and Pregnancy
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Coloring Our World

Color research is moving beyond “Color Me Beautiful” to science laboratories and cancer therapies.
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Fit Body

Walk This Way

When we kick off our shoes, our feet are soothed, stimulated and strengthened by their up-close and personal contact with the good earth.
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Conscious Eating

Grow, Pick, Grill

Americans are growing more food than flowers these days. Our award-winning cookbook authors show how to grill garden-fresh produce for mouthwatering goodness.
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Green Living

Traveling Volunteers

From digging up fossils to planting flowers to feeding rescued animals, there’s a world of good we can do for ourselves and others, while on vacation.
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The Fatherhood Factor

Walking a child through life tends to make a man less self-centered and more patient, creative and flexible.

Life Lift

The age-old pursuit of happiness is getting easier by the day with groundbreaking research that points to simple yet surprising strategies that go beyond the pursuit of money to pivot on giving gratitude, purposeful living and listening well.
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Wise Words

Reframing Personal Priorities

Can a man be both a good breadwinner and a spiritual seeker? Some men feel that it’s an either/or choice and women prefer bucks to personal growth. But is it true?
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Healthy Kids

Dad & Daughter Dates

Making the Most of Cherished Time Together
Spending relaxed time with her dad lets a girl know that she’s a priority for him. It works to imbue her with strength and confidence throughout her whole life.
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Natural Pet

Dog Sports

Yoga, swimming, jumping hurdles—however we work out, dogs can be our best, most joyful exercise buddies.