June 2012

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Global Briefs

Where’s Poppa?

Pew research indicates that more than one in four fathers of children 18 or younger are living apart from their children.

Concerned Citizens

A campaign by this national coalition has united 1 million Americans to demand mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) or modified organism (GMO) foods.

Auto Immune

There is more to green vehicles than fuel economy. A consumer watchdog group offers a toxicity report on new car interiors.

Social Service

Formed in the aftermath of the 9//11 tragedy, this social network connects people around the globe.

Bad Air

Nearly one-third of all national parks exceed pollution safety levels.

Sky Scrapers

Could new technology design “living” buildings with “lungs” that absorb carbon emissions and “skin” that controls interior temperatures?

Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn…

Tired of logging laps around the lawn? Try these “green” tips to lighten the workload, pollute less and save money.
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Health Briefs

Build Muscles to Beat Diabetes

A Reason to Bulk Up

Eggs’ Sunny Upside

One of Nature's Most Perfect Foods

Red Meat Raises Diabetes Risk

Hot Dog and Bacon Lovers Beware

Control Midlife Blood Presure to Improve Heart Health

Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease and Stroke

Spuds Lower Blood Pressure

Rethinking Potatoes in Our Diets

Juggling Bumps Up Brainpower

A Fun Way to Boost Your Intellect

Can Canned BPA

Think Twice Before Sipping From a Can
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Hormone Help for Guys

Men experience a middle-age change of life, too—low testosterone levels can affect health and well-being. Restorative, natural therapies offer rewarding benefits.
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Fit Body

Do You Parkour?

Vaulting in popularity, this acrobatic freerunning is spiked with somersaulting, jumping and climbing and even running up and over walls.
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Conscious Eating

On the Road Without Weight Gain

Follow these tips from seasoned registered dietitians to feel fit, trim and happy while out and about for business or pleasure.
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Green Living

Around the Campfire

Today, the American wilderness we love to explore often suffers from human visitation. These simple trekking/camping guidelines help us tread more softly to preserve nature’s wonders.
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Born to Explore

Novelty feels good—and is good for us—yet we often stick with what we know. Try these practical ways to build up “venture aptitude” and really start living.
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Wise Words

Bridging Generational Divides

The father-and-son team’s latest collaboration is leading Intergenerational Healing workshops that value each generation’s contributions and help build heart-filled communities.
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Healthy Kids

Dad's Golden Story Hour

Kids Listen with their Entire Being
Fathers that regularly read to their children help foster imagination and share priceless bonds of hugs, laughter and love.
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Natural Pet

Here Comes... the Bride, the Groom and the Dog

Walking down the aisle with one’s beloved—and beloved pet—is a popular way to tie the knot.