July 2011

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Global Briefs

Travel Light

Try these five simple ways to go green and guilt-free.

Peace Prayers

For the first time, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will confer the Kalachakra for World Peace ritual in our nation’s capital this month.

Most Walkable Cities

Learn whether your town made this year’s list of the best Walk-Friendly Communities, recognized for safe, accessible and comfortable walking.


Food service giant Sodexo is now rolling out Meatless Mondays to 3,000 corporate cafeterias and hospitals across America.

Hipster Farmers

The USDA is helping a new generation of farmers in their 20s and 30s, hoping to transform a budding trend into a fundamental shift.

Peace Index

The inaugural United States Peace Index provides the first-ever ranking of the 50 states based on their levels of peace.

Summer Fun

Volunteer to host an urban youth’s vacation and change a life.

Public Greenways

Through its Healthy Parks, Healthy People US initiative, the National Park Service seeks to help drive health and wellness programs in local, state and national parks.

Locavore Update

Learn how to measure a food’s eco-friendliness.

Über Men

A study shows that Americans view going green as a “feminine” act. Luckily, we know many uber-green guys who do their best to preserve our planet.

Daily Self-Care

Take the first steps to better wellness at this nonprofit’s website that offers motivational videos, health information, walking maps and walking groups.
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Health Briefs

More Benefits from Vitamin D

A Reason to Get Some Summer Rays

USDA Praises Plant-Based Diets

Eating Meat is Not Essential for Health

Don’t Take a Seat

Ideas to Get You Moving at Work

Watermelon Takes a Slice Out of High Blood Pressure

Sweet News about Summer's Favorite Fruit

Ditch the Chemicals

Household Products Could Lead to Breast Cancer

In Pain? Try Meditation

A Safe Alternative to Pain Meds

Friends Can Add Sizzle to Your Romance

It Can Take More than Two to Tango

Blueberries Assist Artery Function

Tasty, Nutrient-Rich Orbs
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Cool Aid

Don’t let potential summer ailments sideline seasonal fun. Be prepared with this all-natural first-aid kit.
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Fit Body

Stand Up Paddling

The fastest-growing sport across the nation, this “exercise in disguise” is a low-impact, full-body workout that also relieves stress.
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Conscious Eating

Berry Good

Full of flavor and flavonoids, each type of berry offers a particular health protection.
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Green Living

Stay Cool

High summer temperatures may be the norm during the next few decades. These active and passive strategies will help you beat the heat and save money.
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Simple Staycations

Vacations taken close to home can save on the money, time and stress of travel, and also provide a fresh outlook.
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Wise Words

Preserving Americans’ First Amendment Freedoms

Kenneth A. Paulson, co-founder and former editor of USA Today, discusses the importance of freedom of speech, press, religion, petition and assembly.
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Natural Pet

Canine Water Babies

These 10 tips let you and your best friend splash out in worry-free fun, whether wading in a stream, boating or visiting the beach.

Pool Cats

Teach your cat what to do if she accidentally finds herself in the water.