January 2011

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Global Briefs

Green Rollout

Enterprise will roll out gas-free vehicles this year in several U.S. markets.

Retail Solutions

Try these 24 tips to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic shopping bags.

Vital Signs

People worldwide are completing more schooling, a hopeful sign for the future.

Nature’s Cure

Scientists discovered that the butterflies use nature’s pharmacy. Other wild creatures may, too.

Survey Says

People worldwide are completing more schooling, a hopeful sign for the future.

Green Marketplace

New research finds that consumers are striving to make an eco-difference.

Reliable Source

A national study shows that most of us acknowledge global warming and want to learn more.

Gigantic Grid

Millions of linked personal computers may help solve the world’s water crisis.
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Health Briefs

Brain Function Lessens with Obesity

Study Shows Excess Pounds Affect Mental Abilities

Rethinking Calcium Supplements

Look to Food for This Essential Mineral

Why Junk Food Is Aging

The Side Effects of Drinking Soda

Build Muscle with Weightlifting Lite

Heavier Isn't Necessarily Better

The Scent that Helps Us Sleep

Aromatherapy Puts an End to Restless Nights

Mushrooms for Health

Healthy Benefits of This Tasty Fungus
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Honoring Our Life Force

A variety of modalities and therapies can work synergistically with allopathic care to help restore the body’s balance and harmony.

Five Steps to Better Health

More money, pills and technology don’t necessarily lead to better health. Instead, an integrative approach to preventive care, alternative therapies and lifestyle changes can make health care more simple, effective and affordable for all of us.
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Fit Body

Exercise Now!

Deciding to exercise is only half the battle—the hard part is making it a habit. Try these 12 tricks to stay focused on your fitness goals.
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Conscious Eating

Foods that Fight Pain

Nature provides a rainbow of healing through these nutrient-rich foods. Ditch the side-effects of drugs and experience the benefits provided by these flavorful favorites.
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Green Living

A Greener Way to Dry Clean

Dry cleaning, traditionally far from green, has “cleaned up” its act with fresh, new technologies. Learn what to ask about and look for when seeking a responsible, green cleaner.
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I’m Stuck!

When we make New Year’s resolutions, we are promising to become unstuck. But, according to a study, only 63 percent of us manage to keep those resolutions. Here are some tips to help you get and stay unstuck.
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Healthy Kids

Raising Healthy Eaters

How to Train Children’s Palates from the Cradle On
You can cultivate healthy eating habits in your children right from the cradle. Establish these key parental practices suggested by two moms who are certified nutritionists.
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Natural Pet

Pain-Free Pets

Holistic veterinary therapies and remedies can help ease discomfort to ensure a healthier, happier companion.