Get a Better Body Image

Viewing Yourself More Positively with Yoga

Want to make peace with your physique? Step off the treadmill and onto a yoga mat. A report in Psychology of Women Quarterly found that women who participate in mind-body exercises, specifically yoga, are more satisfied with their bodies than those who stick to aerobic workouts. Compared with those who take a step class at the gym, yoga practitioners are more likely to understand their own bodies and judge themselves by qualities such as health, energy level and coordination rather than appearance. Why? The latter “may negatively reinforce the view that you need to constantly strive to improve your body,” notes study author Jennifer Daubenmier, Ph.D.

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Yoga Soothes the Blues

A twice-weekly yoga class lowered symptoms of depression in participants within eight weeks.

Yoga Eases Eating Disorders

In two studies, regular yoga classes or individual practice lowered anxiety, depression and negative thoughts in people with eating disorders.

Yoga Boosts Brain Gray Matter

Compared to chronic-pain patients, yoga practitioners have more desirable grey matter in key brain regions, Duke researchers report.

Yoga Boosts Hearts, Shrinks Waistlines

German scientists reviewing 44 studies concluded that hatha yoga improves blood pressure and other markers of heart health while also reducing waist circumference.

Yoga Relieves Back Pain

Two new studies find that with just 12 weeks of yoga classes, chronic back pain can improve 61 percent and sick days can be cut by 75 percent.
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