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Connecting With Nature

The Power of Trees
An enriching walk in the woods can facilitate a positive interaction with nature that builds feelings of worth and self-assurance, while balancing and bringing into harmony the mind, body and spirit.

Do Good, Feel Good

The Helping – Health – Happiness Connection
A growing body of research confirms what each of us instinctively knows: Acts of generosity and the empathy, compassion and altruism that prompt them may actually improve our mental and physical health.

Emotional Freedom

A Conversation with Dr. Judith Orloff
Synthesizing the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting-edge knowledge of intuition, energy and spirituality to create a new blend of healing wisdom, Dr. Judith Orloff believes that the future of medicine depends upon integrating all these elements to achieve emotional freedom and total wellness.

Nature’s Wisdom

Its Lessons Inspire, Heal and Sustain Us
Nature is essential to our well-being on every level—and when we need healing strategies and breakthrough innovations, it turns out to be the best teacher around.

Reclaim Vitality!

Reap the Benefits of Enhanced Life Force
People with vitality overflow with that special something. Learn the secret to sustaining or reclaiming your vitality.

Say Goodbye to Toxins

10 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Life
Toxic overload, whether on a physical, mental or emotional level, can contribute to a person’s health issues. Learn ways to cleanse, let go and give ourselves a much-needed rest.
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Awe and Wonder Prime Physical Health

Healthy Benefit to Experiencing Emotions

Calm Work Stress

This Vitamin Can Help

Changing How Genes Respond to Stress

Meditation and Yoga Encourage the Relaxation Response

Dear Diary Comforts the Elderly

Journaling Helps With End-of-Life Care

Digital Detox

Unplug to Cut Stress, Up Success

Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

The Old Adage May Help Protect Your Heart