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Kids' Vitamin Guide

Most kids are more likely to grab a French fry than a broccoli floret. Fortunately, a children’s-specific, high-quality multivitamin can help provide crucial, missing nutrients, as well as build an early shield against diabetes, heart disease and childhood cancers

Soup’s On!

Healthy Choices Kids Love
What’s more inviting than a savory pot of homemade soup? Try these simple, tasty versions that bring kids dashing to the dinner table.

Starving For Perfection

Hope and Healing for Eating Disorders
The average women’s magazine cover promises a diet plan that can’t fail—and pictures a dessert that will never be part of it. Advertising images portray models whose body types belong to a scant five percent of the population—or, thanks to the unmentioned miracle of airbrushing, to no one at all.
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A Good Diet Boosts School Performance

Incorporate More Fruits and Veggies in Your Child's Meals

Better Bones for Kids with Celiac Disease

A Gluten-Free Diet Rebuilds Bone Mass

Better Cafeterias

School Lunches Improving Nationwide

Bundled Deductibles

Breast-feeding Benefits Now Recognized by the IRS