February 2013

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Global Briefs

Free Gas

Is the promise of a new sustainable power source at hand? British engineers using a new technology may have the answer.

Parasite Protection

We can learn much from animal species that alter their diets and self-medicate naturally to protect themselves from parasites and other troublesome pests.

Good Hood

Shedding smokestacks and corrugated steel warehouses for solar-paneled bus stops, native plants and special pavement, a stretch of road on Chicago’s West Side will soon become one of the nation’s most sustainable streets.

Friend Me

According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of U.S. adults use social networking sites to participate in civic and political activities.

Peaceful Spirits

Workshops aimed to help guide inmates to new ways of thinking and approaching everyday decisions using kindness and self-reflection offer promising results.

Creative Reuse

Reusing, recycling or repurposing a worn-out mattress is better than adding another to the 20 million or so that annually end up in landfills. These green tips will help you—and your conscience—sleep easy.

Worse & Worse

Grassroots Environmental Education has issued a report expressing major concerns about the fracking that’s underway in several states and planned for many more. The practice can release substantial quantities of deadly radioactive poisons, bringing them to the surface, where they have the potential to pollute air, water, soil, food crops and animal feed.
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Health Briefs

Alexander Technique Lessens Back Pain

Gentle Awareness Brings Relief

The Saltshaker Thief

Why You Should Pass the Pepper Instead

Red, White and True

Look for the American Heart Associate Heart-Check Mark

Hot Peppers Help the Heart

Turn Up the Heat

Mindful Meditation Eases Loneliness

Reduce Thoughts of Being Alone

Reading Helps Teens Beat the Blues

The Power of a Good Book

Peel-Good Energy

A Healthy and Effective Alternative to Sugary Sports Drinks
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Natural Awakenings’ Bodywork Guide

For millennia, therapeutic touch has been used to heal the body and reduce tension. Our guide includes many of today’s better-known bodywork systems.

Feel-Good Massage

Which form of massage is best? It depends on your personal preferences and the benefits you need, which may change from time to time. Natural Awakenings’ expert massage therapists discuss the most widely used techniques and offer tips to help you make the right choice.

Bodywork Goes Mainstream

Whole-person health care, which has matured in sophistication, credibility and acceptance, embraces myriad therapies collectively known as bodywork. Explore some of the most popular of these integrative techniques, all designed to help restore health and balance.
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Fit Body

CrossFit Workouts

A strength and conditioning program used by the military over the past decade, CrossFit combines many types of exercise and is growing in popularity with recreational athletes.
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Conscious Eating

Food & Mood

Habitually eating in response to our emotions can cause weight gain and health problems. Follow these suggestions to help rebalance the body’s chemistry and biochemical signals (hunger, cravings and fullness).
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Green Living

Rest in Peace

Today’s green ceremonies engage family members’ ecovalues and nature in an intimate, sustainable process favoring biodegradable caskets and no toxic chemicals. The movement is gaining in popularity across the U.S.
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The Gift of Empathy

Allowing into our heart another’s suffering and giving our full presence can be a gift not only to the other, but to our self.
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Wise Words

Courting Marriage Success

Relationship expert Stephanie Coontz shares go-to guidelines that foster a rewarding marriage by replenishing the reserves of trust, good will and intimacy.
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Healthy Kids

Bully Blues Busters

Positive Ways to Promote Kindness
Bullying behavior among school-age children may have shifted from hitting, punching and pushing to hurtful words, glares, whispers and exclusion—but it’s still just as damaging. New strategies and initiatives help promote kind behavior, instead.
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Natural Pet

Finned and Fascinating

Wondrous windows to the sea, aquariums showcase continuous movement yet evoke tranquility.