August 2012

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Global Briefs

Wash & Wear

New clothes take a toll on the planet and aren’t always necessary. Try these 10 commonsense ways to save money and lighten your family’s ecological footprint.

Danger Signs

Roundup, the world’s most popular weed killer, can cause changes in vertebrate skeletal animals.

Better Doggie Bags

A New York park is using compostable bags for dog waste—and its flowerbeds are thriving.

Fit Lit

Designed for students, this unique camp introduces exceptional literature and encourages critical reading and thinking skills.
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Health Briefs

Cheap Bling is Bad News

Low Cost Jewelry Loaded with Toxins

Mom’s Diet Can Boost Baby’s Immunity

Ward Off Allergies in the Womb

Why Folk Remedies Rock

Health and Beauty Properties of Plant Extracts

Elderberry Elixir

Backyard Medicine Chest

Dried Plums Keep Bones Healthy

Help Ward Off Osteoporosis

Walking + Texting = Forgeting

Cell Phone Use Linked to Decreased Memory

Less Sleep Means Lower Grades

Fewer ZZZs = Lower GPAs

Training Helps Bust Teacher Burnout

A Unique Approach to Reduce Stress Levels
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Barefootin': It Grounds Us

Walking barefoot and establishing skin-to-ground contact—“earthing” or “grounding”—reconnects us with Earth’s energy for healing benefits.
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Fit Body

Soccer's a Kick for Family Fitness

The Summer Olympics highlight the excitement of this fast-paced sport, which builds agility and cardiovascular health. And, small groups of two or more can participate.
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Conscious Eating

Healthy Eating, Family-Style

Today’s hectic schedules make it easy to rely upon drive-through dining, and our expanding waistlines—a national epidemic among children as well as adults—demonstrate the dangers of too much fast food. Try this smorgasbord of simple strategies, compiled by our experts, to boost nutrition, taste and pleasurable family time.
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Green Living

Investing in Main Street

Schools, churches and even city governments are sending a message about fiscal responsibility to Wall Street and government by supporting local community banks and credit unions.
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Come Back to Your Senses

Celebrating life through sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, we can emulate children and be continually amazed by all the ways life is continually communicating with us.
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Wise Words

Balance Blesses Our Youth

The noted author and psychologist explores the educational challenges that students face today and offers some encouraging solutions.
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Healthy Kids

Improving Immunity

Natural Ways to Keep Kids Well
Strengthen your child’s immune system with these proven lifestyle and supplement approaches.
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Natural Pet

Cherished Family Members

What happens to our animal companions when family dynamics shift? Learn how others have navigated the changes and worked out shared custody.