April 2012

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Global Briefs

Book Battle

The number of Americans that prefer to read a book via an electronic reading device tripled last year.

Find Out

Wondering whether a new community development is green? Download this hands-on guide, created by the National Resources Defense Council.

Pocket Calculator

This online tool calculates your household’s carbon footprint and suggests green home and lifestyle projects.

Boxing Day

Changing address? Check out this efficient alternative to traditional-style moving boxes.

Better Threads

Buying a rug? Look for this label, given solely to rug companies that only hire employees of legal working age.

Global Gardens

The color-coded map of planting zones on seed packets is being updated by the USDA to reflect climate changes.

Bug Muscle

An Australian inventor has designed a beetle-inspired device that can extract water from even the driest desert air.

Honk Honk

The number of teen drivers is dropping, and more than half of drivers under the age of 44 are reducing the time they spend in traffic.

Whale Watching

Greenpeace reports that the discredited practice of vote buying at the International Whaling Commission has finally been ended.

Egg-ceptional Fun

Synthetic food colors can contain chemicals linked to allergic reactions. Try these natural recipes instead.
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Health Briefs

Sweet Stuff Combats Infections

The Healing Power of Honey

Qigong: A Boon for Cancer Patients

Studies Show Improved Well-being

Are Cell Phones Safe?

Use With Caution

Green Veggies Boost Immunity

More Health Benefits from these Essential Foods

Unplug During Screen-Free Week

Turn to Healthier Activities

Diabetes Linked to Dirty Air

There is More to Your Risk than Food

National Start! Walking Day

Take the First Steps Toward Fitness
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Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

It’s spring—time for sunshine, warmth… and airborne pollen. Try these suggestions to ease the seasonal sneezing, congestion and runny nose that can rob us of outdoor pleasures.
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Fit Body

Forest Bathing

We all innately know that spending time in nature is good for our body, mind and spirit. Now, medical researchers and scientists are discovering just how powerful forest walks can be.
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Conscious Eating

Waste Not, Want Not

Approximately 40 percent of all edible food products in the United States is wasted each year. These tips can help reduce your “food print.”
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Green Living

Every Drop Counts

Learn how to reap big benefits by capturing and managing rainwater with rain barrels, underground systems and the right roofing materials.

Green Home Checklist

Kitchens, bedrooms, bath and laundry rooms—even those pesky “un-rooms,” like attics, entry halls, closets and garages—can all go green in simple, budget-friendly ways that aid the environment.
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Deep Blue Connections

Interacting with these amazing mammals in the wild is a transformative experience that empowers transcendent, personal change.
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Wise Words

Eco-Mind: Creating the World We Want

Cultivating an ecological worldview can uplift us from disempowerment and despair to empowerment and hope.
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Healthy Kids

Growing Up Green

Lessons to Help Lighten Future Footprints
Guiding children in Earth-friendly principles is a rewarding goal. Fortunately, there are many ways to make green living a feel-good, easy and fun habit.
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Natural Pet

Shelters Go Green

Animal shelters are joining the green movement, with LEED-certified facilities that save energy and resources while keeping animals healthier and more comfortable.