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Juice Up

Juices extracted from whole fresh produce deliver pure liquid nutrition for clean, bio-available fuel and cell-quenching hydration.

Happiness Is… Chocolate

Research shows you can have your bliss and eat it, too—dark chocolate benefits both mind and body. Try our favorite smoothie recipes for an unforgettable Valentine experience.

Smart Snacks

The trick to feeding your kids snacks is to provide choices that are quick, irresistible and healthy. Here’s how to mind the munchkins’ munchies with smart-snack strategies.

On The Vegan Trail

Based upon what he observed at a plantation in Hawaii on his first job out of medical school, California physician John McDougall has eaten a vegan diet for 35 years.

Savoring the Sun

The mounting desire to eat locally grown food, know what’s in our food and reduce our carbon footprint, as well as shrinking household budgets, are contributing to a renaissance in home food preservation.

Salt of the Earth

Most Americans eat too much salt, but finishing foods with natural salts can deliver over 50 trace minerals, all within the bounds of good taste.

Healing Foods

Eating strictly raw foods can be a difficult thing to do, but with a few simple tricks, we can conquer cooked-food cravings, as well as other common obstacles to a raw foods diet.

A Conversation with Michael Pollan

Acclaimed author and journalist Michael Pollan argues that Americans eat too many “edible foodlike substances” and not enough real food. His best advice? “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

A Flexitarian Diet for a Flexible Life

There’s a new term in town, ‘flexitarian’, which gives us a handle on what many of us are likely doing anyway; we are inclined to eat less meat and more plant foods, but not ready to completely give up chicken or the occasional burger.

Bottled Gold

With so many choices when it comes to choosing which oil to cook with, we need to be aware that some oils are more useful than others, in terms of light, healthy and flavorful cooking.

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