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Dr. Frank Pileggi Opens New Office

Beauty Counter Provides Safe Beauty Gifts This Holiday Season

Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center Offers Psychic Development Class

South Jersey Land and Water Trust Hosts Cleanup and Hiking Events This December

How to Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

South Jersey Women Creating Transformational Change Through Impact100 Collective Giving Initiative

Disease Prevention with Ayurveda

Living the healthcare crisis along with everyone else, co-owners of Living Room Yoga, St. Petersburg, Barry Cooper and Stacy Renz have been without health insurance for eight years and more than two years, respectively. In her work in hospitals as an occupational therapist,

Effective Detoxification Made Simple

Do you want more energy? Do you want increased focus and clarity of mind? Do you need help to lose those extra pounds? Do you have sugar and caffeine cravings?

Letter From the Publisher

The heart of this winter month presents unique opportunities to express love and appreciation for cherished family, friends and colleagues.

Creating Community at The Inner-Connection

One of the latest ways The Inner-Connection serves the community is by expanding their retail store into a holistic and wellness center.

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