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Festive Sips and Nibbles

Tempted by not-so-healthy holiday fare? With a little preparation, we can munch on plant-based snacks and drinks every bit as enticing as former favorites.

Happy Feasting to All

Holiday celebrations, huge tables of food, and weight gain seem to go hand-in-hand, but there are fun, creative ways to prepare holiday food that add meaning rather than pounds.

Playful Pet Gifts

Simple, inexpensive holiday gifts can easily delight a pet—especially if they mean spending more time with us.

Bring Back the Magic

By teaching kids to be wary of ads, lower their expectations for presents, and think first of others, we can introduce them to the meaningful, lasting joys the holidays offer.

Crafting a Green Holiday

Fun ways to be creative, be kind to the planet and gussy up your house for the holidays—all at the same time.

Living Gratitude

Gratitude can be learned easily and simply; the payoff is a warmer heart and lighter step.

Smart Heating Options

Ditch outdated furnaces and boilers for these eco-friendly, budget-boosting options that will keep the family cozy all winter long.

Meaningful Giving

Less stuff can equal more holiday cheer. From home-made or recycled presents to gifts of time and experiences, discover how to bypass “hectic” and reclaim joy.

Happy Holidays to You

Avoid feeling overstuffed, overcommitted and laid low by holiday blues. Our natural strategies, supplements and herbs can put sparkle and joy back in your seasonal celebrations.

Overcome Holiday Media Madness

While exposure to media in moderation can be educational and entertaining, a study links excessive media consumption with unhealthy habits among children and teens.
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