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Summer Mini-Getaways

A getaway doesn’t have to last long to go deep. From train trips to retreat centers and green spas, a world of relaxation and renewal awaits us, close by home.

Water Doggies

Beginners require a life jacket at first, but many dogs soon love to lunge into the water for balls, stand on paddleboards and even synchronize swim with their person.

Essential Oils for Summer

Bothersome summer maladies can be easily and beautifully healed with the right essential oils.

Savor Summer

Try these simple and easy ways to bliss out during sweet summer’s long, light-filled days.

Grow, Pick, Grill

Americans are growing more food than flowers these days. Our award-winning cookbook authors show how to grill garden-fresh produce for mouthwatering goodness.

Back-to-School Separation Anxiety

Corky the dog so dislikes being left alone that he has ripped up car upholstery and jumped through windows in an attempt to rejoin his humans when they leave the house for school, work or errands. Shay, on the other hand, watches calmly...

What's Ripe Now

When we buy fresh food locally, we eat well, support local farmers, encourage diversity of available foods, preempt polluting long-distance transport and keep money working hard in our own community.

Beat the Heat

In hot summer weather, when the scorching sun and out-of-control humidity threaten to take a toll on your fitness routine, one good solution is to hit the pool.

Summer Splash

Summer’s longer, warmer days inevitably heat up average water temperatures in swimming pools, rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans across the country. It’s the perfect lure to prompt fun in the water; one that dogs, too, often can’t resist.
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