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Women Power

Enterprising senior women in France have created a nurturing 25-unit independent-living apartment building just blocks away from shops, a theater and the metro.

Seeing Change

Using morphed photographs of African and Asian faces, researchers have reduced the differentiating response of toddlers to foreign racial groups.

Happy Couples Sleep Closer Together

A UK study shows that the closer a couple sleeps, the happier their relationship tends to be.

Satisfaction with Friendship is Hard to Come By

Fewer than a quarter of Americans report being satisfied with their friendships, with GenXers and Boomers the least happy.

Marriage is Good for the Heart

Married people are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than divorced, widowed and single people.

Love Matters

In a study of values involving 2,163 people, experiencing empathy and having loved ones were viewed as far more important to a good life than financial security or power.

Father Factor

A caring father helps kids acquire better spatial intelligence and lowers their shyness and sadness.

Unconditional Love Hastens Healing

In a 10-year study, HIV patients that gave and received compassionate love had more immune-boosting white cells and fewer markers of the disease.

Wild Valentines

Gibbons, bald eagles, wolves, angelfish and other species stay partnered all their life, protecting each other and raising offspring together.

Happy Marriage, Healthier Lives

A 20-year study has found that people that are happily married have better mental and physical health than unmarried individuals and fewer chronic conditions than people those that are divorced or widowed.
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