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Food Finder

New software allows businesses such as Whole Foods, Subway and Chipotle Mexican Grill to track where food was harvested, whether pesticides were used and how it was processed.


Small farmers across the country are now delivering fresh produce and organic goods directly to workplaces.

Drive-Thru Vegan

In a pioneering move, Amy’s Organic restaurant in Rohnert Park, California, combines healthy no-meat dishes with speedy service.

Fresh Catch

To make U.S.-caught fish affordable and obtainable, fisheries are connecting directly with local consumers.

Super Suds

Small breweries are using water recycling, solar power, biofuel and other planet-friendly strategies to deliver beer that does good while tasting good.

Homegrown Access

Entrepreneurs are experimenting with approaches like supplying seeds and expertise and changing laws to make it easier to eat local.

Farm Relief

The FDA is rethinking proposed rules that could have hampered small farms, farmers’ markets, and food banks.

Freebie Fruit

Falling Fruit (, an online worldwide map, shows precisely where free fruits and vegetables can be foraged, from public parks to dumpsters.

Locavore Aid

Find out how easy it is to “eat local” in each state by checking out the Locavore Index online.

More Americans are Eating Fresh

Good news: As a nation, we’re consuming more whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables than we did in 2007.
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