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Astaxanthin Aids Muscle Recovery

Serbian soccer players who took astaxanthin daily for three months recovered more quickly from muscle exertion and had lower rates of inflammation than a control group.

Less Sleep Brings on the Munchies

In a four-night University of Chicago study, young adults getting only four-and-a-half hours of sleep a night were significantly hungrier afterwards and more likely to snack heavily in the afternoon.

Breastfed Babies Have Fewer Colds and Ear Infections

A six-year Texan study found that prolonged breastfeeding reduces both sniffles and painful earaches in newborns.

Delayed Kindergarten Reduces Attention Deficit

Danish children that start kindergarten at age 6 instead of 5 are far less likely to be inattentive or hyperactive five years later.

Grape Juice Boosts Memory and Driving Skills

Busy working mothers between the ages of 40 and 50 that drank Concord grape juice daily improved their performance on a driving test, results that lasted after the study ended.

Aromatherapy Soothes Allergies

Inhaling a three-fragrance formula of essential oils sharply reduced allergy symptoms for Korean sufferers in just seven days.

Prenatal Sun Exposure Lowers Asthma Risk

Perhaps because of the natural vitamin D supplied by sunlight, researchers found that children are less likely to have asthma if their mothers lived in a sunny location during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Young Adult Insomnia Linked to Chronic Pain

About two in five Dutch adults between the ages of 19 and 22 that reported problems sleeping had chronic pain three years later.

Legumes Facilitate Weight Loss

Eating three-quarters of a cup of beans, lentils, chickpeas or other legumes per day as part of their usual diet helped subjects feel more full and shed nearly a pound in six weeks.

Calcium Pills Don’t Build Bone Health

Two prominent meta-studies have found that calcium in supplements have at most a tiny initial effect on bone density.
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