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Happy Life, Healthy Heart

No matter our age, weight or smoking status, feeling upbeat reduces the danger of heart attacks and strokes.

Digital Detox

A national drive is underway to separate children, even if briefly, from the digital devices that work to distract thinking and pull down grades.

Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

Looking on the bright side can slash the risk of cardiovascular troubles in half, Harvard researchers have found.

Flexible Work Places Boost Well-Being

Employees allowed to routinely change when and where they work report enjoying better health.

Calm Work Stress

Feeling frazzled or blue at work? Find out which vitamin supplements and foods may offer natural relief for psychological strain.

The Power of Good Posture

The way you stand and sit can make you feel better and more powerful.

The Smell of Virtue

A new study finds that people who enter a clean-smelling environment become fairer, more generous and more charitable.

Smell Stress Away

Scientific evidence now supports the idea that inhaling certain fragrances alters people’s gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that reduce stress.

Changing How Genes Respond to Stress

Research now suggests that mind-body techniques like yoga and meditation are capable of changing how human genes behave in response to stress.

Friendship Among Women Benefits Health

A study suggests that when women are faced with stress, they respond by engaging with their friends, which causes the release of a hormone that produces a calming effect.
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