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Upcycle It

Discover ways to reduce your consumption and help the environment by using these simple, green tips.

Trash Fashions

There may be hope for plastic after all. New biodegradable, compostable options are being used for household yard-waste bags and dinnerware.

Wash & Wear

New clothes take a toll on the planet and aren’t always necessary. Try these 10 commonsense ways to save money and lighten your family’s ecological footprint.

Auto Immune

There is more to green vehicles than fuel economy. A consumer watchdog group offers a toxicity report on new car interiors.

Pocket Calculator

This online tool calculates your household’s carbon footprint and suggests green home and lifestyle projects.

Honk Honk

The number of teen drivers is dropping, and more than half of drivers under the age of 44 are reducing the time they spend in traffic.

Mailbox Makeover

Follow these five simple tips to help conserve America’s forests and ease overflowing landfills.

Toyland Tips

Not all playthings are created equal. Here’s how to choose greener, safer toys.

Appliance Awareness

Greenpeace has compiled their third annual survey of the “greenest” home electronics products from 18 companies in seven categories.

GPS Biking

This cutting-edge GPS app shows the areas one can reach from any point in a city at any given time.
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