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Natural Relief for Constipation

These helpful tips and gentle remedies can get a sluggish bowel moving again.

Watercress May Help Bust Cancer

The crunchy, peppery green appears to starve tumors of oxygen and nutrients, thus inhibiting their growth.

Black Rice – Exotic and Healthy

This nutty-tasting variety may offer anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic benefits.

Sweet Medicine

Good news: Your favorite waffle-topper—real maple syrup—is a healthy treat.

Grapefruit’s Bitter-Sweet Secret

One of grapefruit's antioxidants may benefit people with diabetes.

Stress-Busting Walnuts

A diet rich in walnuts helps lower blood pressure.

Mushrooms for Health

White button mushrooms may play an important role in maintaining health.

Cocoa Takes the Pressure Off

Fifteen studies agree that dark chocolate eases this common health concern.

Cinnamon Extract

This favorite might reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.

Cranberries' Red Power

Researchers have discovered an unexpected, big benefit from the tiny fruit.
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