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Hatha Yoga Boosts Brainpower

In just two months of three-times-a-week yoga classes, older adults improved their cognitive functions, reaction times and working memory.

Antisocial Insects

Ants won’t bother your picnic or barbecue if you use natural materials like cinnamon and garlic to keep them at bay.

Meditation Improves Brain Health

Harvard researchers report that a mere eight weeks of mindfulness meditation increases memory and learning capacity.

Heart Disease Detected Early with Breath Testing

A simple breath test that identifies volatile gases can quickly and efficiently reveal the presence of heart and arterial disease.

Memory Works Better Reading Real Books

Two studies have found that adults and children are able to comprehend and remember the stories better that they read in paper form rather than on a digital device.

Register Receipts Low Risk for BPA

BPA, a hormone disrupter, seems to have only a slight additional effect on people that handle cash register receipts.

Mind-Body Therapies Stimulate the Immune System

Meditation, tai chi, qigong and yoga, along with other mind-body approaches, effectively reduce inflammation and boost antiviral immunity, Tufts researchers found.

Calcium and Vitamin D May Help Prevent Dental Decay

Young women who drink soft drinks daily and have low levels of calcium and vitamin D have significantly more decayed, missing and filled teeth, an Argentinian study found.

Low Magnesium Levels Linked to Kidney Disease

People with low levels of magnesium in the blood—which can result from diarrhea, chronic stress and certain medications—run the risk of serious kidney disease.

Cell Phones and Router Microwaves Stress Plants

Parsley, celery and dill weed plants exposed to microwave radiation had thinner cell walls and smaller mitochondria.
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