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EFT Relieves Veterans’ Post-Traumatic Stress

Emotional Freedom Technique’s (EFT) gentle tapping relieves stress and encourages the body-mind to self-heal.

Vitamin D Curbs Depression

A large study links low levels of this vitamin with low moods—learn which one you and your health care practitioner may need to assess.

October 24 is Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Day

October 24 observes the rising popularity of these ancient energy-balancing and pain-relieving therapies.

Why Folk Remedies Rock

British researchers confirm the health and beauty properties of plant extracts.

Elderberry Elixir

New research is turning up another natural remedy to mend what ails us--elderberries.

Training Helps Bust Teacher Burnout

A unique approach that combines psychology with Buddhist practices boosts positive moods.

Cancer Prevention in a Spice

Curcumin, the main component in the spice turmeric, may help suppress the growth of malignancies in the head and neck.

Acupuncture Cools Hot Flashes

A new study suggests that traditional Chinese acupuncture can curb the severity of menopausal symptoms.

Qigong: A Boon for Cancer Patients

Regular practitioners experienced higher levels of well-being, improved cognitive functioning and less inflammation.

Massage Beats Meds for Back Pain

Structural or relaxation massage bested painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants.
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